AUDIO: Aidan Keyes – “Dream House Burning Down Whole Family Was Inside”

Aidan Keyes of indie rock band Haunter is out with a new record on Sickle Moon Recordings. It’s lo-fi indie rock with a dreamy yet dreary texture (“slowcore”), full of idiosyncratic stories. Tales of a dramatic cookout, nature clearings, a man who dropped out of college and lives in a basement, and the sick doings of the tooth fairy are all part of what is here. The title of the record comes from a lyric in the song “Cream Cup and a Cigarette.” There seem to be underlying themes of loneliness, bleakness of the world, and haunting memories. It’s an ideal listen for a grey and gloomy day, and we commend Aidan Keyes for his superb approach to capturing that mood.

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