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AUDIO: Haunter – “Fieldy”

Experimental indie rockers Haunter have returned with a new record. The band continues innovating their atmospheric, dreary sound with seven songs that have a nihilistic sheen. There’s a theme of seeking meaningful moments through the mundanity and chronic emptiness of everyday life, whether it’s interaction with objects or amusement by your friends. Haunter dwell under the gray skies with “Fieldy.”

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Gauss, Brief Candles

A show took place at Club Timbuktu in Riverwest Saturday night featuring slowcore rockers Haunter, noise pop band Brief Candles, and experimental rockers Gauss. An excited crowd of music lovers came out to support, and fun was had. Gauss consists of vocalist/guitarist Eddie Chapman, bassist John Larkin, drummer Andy Grygiel, keyboardist Brandon Miller, French horn player Elise McArdle, and violinist

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AUDIO: Haunter – “Halloween EP III: Abomination”

Experimental indie rockers Haunter are out with their third annual Halloween record, this one being the longest of which. Made up of previously unfinished tracks the band had piled up, the end result is slow and abrasive yet powerfully dreary. It culminates into a shadowy exhibition akin to the existential dread many have felt this year. There’s lyrics of invisibility,

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