AUDIO: Bandoleer Bacall – “Raspberry Songs”

Since their debut release in 2017, Bandoleer Bacall has put out three full-length albums, with the addition of their latest, “Raspberry Songs”. That’s no easy task for a band, and as they continue to evolve and grow, we keep getting quality content from them on each release. The new project is eight songs deep, with a myriad of classic rock influences. Everything from simplistic pop tracks to drifting psych rock finds their way into this album, including the near 10-minute storytelling of “Weather Channel Jazz”. A healthy amount of reverb and clean guitars make up the band’s sound, which feels like a callback to a simpler time in rock and roll. As the band progresses, it feels as though their cohesion and songwriting get tighter, and you can hear that here. Check out “Raspberry Songs” below:

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