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AUDIO: Dated References: “Riley Tweed and Other Tales of Continental Lust”

Dated References, the solo indie pop project of Bandoleer Bacall’s Adam Jerome, is out with a debut album. It feels like this thing could be the soundtrack to an 80’s indie flick. It’s full of old movie samples, synth melodies, watery guitars, and even contains a few ambient tracks. Jerome’s songwriting is esoteric and elaborate; “Washed” is about being an

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AUDIO: Dated References – “Weltschmerz”

Adam Jerome, known as frontman of psych-tinged indie rock band Bandoleer Bacall, released his debut single under solo project Dated References. “Weltschmerz” means “world pain” in German; Jerome’s lyrics touch on the burning urge to isolate yourself in order to avoid any more pain. He’s maintained the psychedelic edge of his composition, but with a gentler indie pop approach, backgrounded

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AUDIO: Bandoleer Bacall – “Lu Wave”

Indie rockers Bandoleer Bacall released their new album this past week. In a sunny psychedelic flavor, many of these songs bring themes of escaping trouble against the clock (“Matryoshka Madam” and “Easter Sunday”) as well as the dangers of love (“Laundry Room” and “Dracula Days”). Adam Jerome’s lyrics shine with esoteric provocativeness; it feels like the soundtrack to a 80’s

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AUDIO: Bandoleer Bacall – “Me and You and the Misty Blue”

Indie rockers Bandoleer Bacall have a new single out from their upcoming record “Lu Wave.” We feel like we’re on a California beach in the 1960’s; the song’s got a psychedelic edge and provocative riff coupled with Adam Jerome’s esoteric lyrics. We’re looking forward to hearing Bandoleer Bacall’s new record and the intriguing concepts sure to be on it.

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Artist Spotlight: Not the Cops

Garage punk band Not the Cops played with indie rockers Bandoleer Bacall and alternative pop band Loud Library at Company Brewing Saturday night. Friends and supporters showed out for a night of vibrant, colorful music despite the cold. Not the Cops are vocalist/guitarist James Wallace, bassist/vocalist Nelson Schneider, and drummer Tanner Shepherd. The band formed in 2017 and recently dropped

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