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AUDIO: Psyclopean – “Ex Oblivione”

Psychedelic-ambient project Psyclopean is out with a new record, based upon the H.P Lovecraft story. Building on the visceral desolation Psyclopean has sonically conjured before, the music here feels like loneliness in space at times but stumbling on a desert civilization at others. About halfway through there’s horse samples, as well as someone smoking a bong. Neat, right? It’s certainly

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AUDIO: Moonglow – “Brick Wall”

Moonglow, formerly known as Commodore Calipso, is out with their second single today. The band brings a unique fusion of funk, soul, neo-psychedelia, and rock while heavily inspired by Japanese city-pop. Featuring horns, shattering bass and twinkling guitars, vocalist Joe Humiston brings an infectious performance where he sings of being in a hopeless trance. Moonglow’s exciting fusion is sure to

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AUDIO: Conundrum – “Is As, There Was”

Prog-psych rockers Conundrum are out with their long-awaited sophomore EP. Beginning with a vibrant and ambient soundscape, the first track features space-like vocals that bring us into an intergalactic daydream. The second track, featuring Mike Neumeyer on vibraphone, is shorter but brings more complex and jazzy instrumentation. The third track had been the EP’s lead single and is a satire

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