AUDIO: The Midwest Beat – “Incantations”

After 14+ years as a band, The Midwest Beat released their final studio album this week. “Incantations” isn’t a somber farewell, though, as the band has 13 tracks of twangy, upbeat Americana on their new release. Songs like “You’re Not My Baby” and “North Country Trail” had made their way into the band’s live sets previously, but this is their first availability on record, or should we say cassette, as No Coast Records is putting out a limited run of 50 tapes with the album. While this may be the end of the road for the band, the songwriting is still top-notch, and the production and care that went into crafting the project comes out in the final product. We’ll miss The Midwest Beat, but you can check out “Incantations” below:

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