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AUDIO: Mossmen – “Sunstream”

Psych rockers Mossmen unleashed a new record into the world recently. The band blazes a trail across burning stars, dark voids in the sky and Mother Nature’s fury over five compositions, sonically illustrating a hyper-lucid odyssey themed around love, purpose and time’s ruthless passage. Pleasant sounds of nature weave the songs together before the steadfast riffs and otherworldly resonance shepherd

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AUDIO: Docx – “Docx”

Docx released a new self-titled album this week which they describe as their most personal work to date. Fresh off the wave from their collaboration-heavy previous album “THE GURLS” dropped earlier this summer, the experimental producer returns to making music entirely solo here, carrying visceral themes of sexual identity and kink (as Docx mentioned in a recent interview with BOPS

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AUDIO: Lovely Socialite – “Quarantine Loops, Vol. 3”

Lovely Socialite is an experimental jazz band featuring musicians from both Milwaukee and Madison. Their “Quarantine Loops” series finds members composing different original loop material which is then used as the source for composition by the others. Their third batch of pieces is now out; it’s five tracks that keep it whimsical with a touch of darkness. There’s some guest

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AUDIO: Sat. Night Duets – “All Night Long 2”

Indie rockers Sat. Night Duets’ new single is a sequel to the original “All Night Long,” which they wrote a decade ago. It’s an absurdist take on the current times; their lyrics take stabs at cryptocurrencies, throwing their instruments over Locust Street Bridge, doing drugs and listening to AC/DC, and getting drunk listening to their own song. Sat. Night Duets

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AUDIO: 608Trayce ft. Lucien Parker – “Get Out Your Own Way”

Madison-based hip hop artist 608Trayce recently collaborated with Lucien Parker over a Spice God beat on this new track. Both rappers deliver verses about paving their own path to success, working to be out of toxic situations, and that you have no one to rely on but yourself. What they’re saying rings true since you ultimately must take responsibility to

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