VIDEO: YKWiS – Uchi Kinte & Regal

#YKWiS is a show produced by WI Proud Entertainment, a platform that helps promote hip hop/R&B, fashion, dance & comedy across the Wisconsin area. Hosted by Jordan Kellogg, the show has the same passion for local music as all of the contributors to Breaking And Entering share. Make sure you check them out on YouTube as well!

Today on #YKWiS, in our opening music segment, we highlight the Head of Digital Sales and Revenue at Alamo Record, J.R. Mckee. A resource to utilize for artist looking to grow in the streaming business. This week Jordan highlights the first Madison, Wisconsin artist on the show, Uchi Kinte. Coming with a unique sound but draws similar comparisons to certain artists. Taking it back to the 414 we highlight rapper and producer Regal. Known across the Milwaukee music scene, Regal looks to take is talents around the world soon!

Songs: Coo Coo Cal // My Projects Uchi Kinte // Head Home Uchi Kinte // Thug Holiday Regal // Flames Bond Regal // Dope Dealer Wisco Y.D. // Mood (ft. Charlie Urick & Bee Scott)

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