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AUDIO: Mad Static – “Son of Cynthia”

Hip hop artist Mad Static dropped an EP this past week, dedicated to his mother. Produced by Regal, it’s four tracks that find Static looking on the bright side. He’s beaming with optimism and confidence here, rapping about feeling good and keeping his cool while also being there for his lover (“Just Say When”). Mad Static is in his element

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AUDIO: Shle Berry – “When the Snow Melts”

Hip hop artist Shle Berry is back with a new banger. Produced by Regal, Berry raps about doing alright for herself despite feeling held to a standard for the longest. Now she’s saying “fuck all that” and is out here doing as she pleases, whether that means cruising around on the South Side or enjoying a cocktail with orange juice.

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VIDEO: Regal – “Flames Bond”

Hip hop artist and producer Regal dropped his “Incredible Feeling” tape not long ago and here he’s out with a visual shot in Hawaii with the song “Flames Bond.” The rapper is shown hanging out his car window going through an illuminated tunnel, as well as out on a purple-tinged beach sunset. The video is edited with bullet holes in

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