VIDEO: Luxi – “Miss You” (Premiere)

As an overall creative body of work, there’s few releases this year that match the amount of production that went into Luxi’s “Lost Letters (of Seraphina)”. We’ve already gotten the album as both audio and an interactive video game, and now we have the premiere of the clip for “Miss You” from the release. The song is blissful in its own right, delivering brighter-than-normal chords despite lyrically longing for someone. The Angelus Bailey-directed video matches that motif, with Luxi secluded in nature, becoming one with the forest at times. The clip does a great job of complimenting electronic elements like pitch-bent accent vocals that are found within in the track, and reinterprets “Miss You” as a bright spot within the darkness of “Lost Letters (of Seraphina)”. Check out the premiere of “Miss You” below:

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