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VIDEO: LUXI – “By Your Side”

Electronic songstress LUXI has a new single and video out today. It’s a dance-pop banger about being with someone who makes you feel invincible. LUXI sings about being on the edge of wildfires and flying in the sky, really living in a state of euphoria. The video finds her in a mystical VR garden, grooving and dancing amongst computerized flowers

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VIDEO: Mark Waldoch & the Hallelujah Ward – “86,000”

Psych-pop band Mark Waldoch & the Hallelujah Ward have a new video out. Directed by Angelus Bailey, this peculiar production features Waldoch walking through various surroundings including a cemetery, the mall, and the woods. He contemplates the number of heartbeats in a day as a barrage of surreal visuals weave each scene together. LUXI stars as a passerby shooting hoops.

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AUDIO: Lauryl Sulfate and Her Ladies of Leisure FT. LUXI – “Basement Show”

Dance pop group Lauryl Sulfate and Her Ladies of Leisure collaborated with electronic songstress LUXI for a new single. Sulfate’s sugary pop swagger meshes with LUXI’s dreamy yet haunting vocals in a jam about going out dancing at a dark DIY show. A tune like this certainly reminds us how much we miss live music and all the people you

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AUDIO: LUXI – “Endlessly”

Future-grunge pop artist LUXI made a linear version of her soundtrack for the 2020 Unreal Engine Epic Mega Jam. Through computer textures and magenta landscapes, she lands a chilling yet exciting tune that is brilliant as it is mysterious. Be sure to watch the accompanying gameplay visual on Bandcamp, where you’ll visit the enchanted electronic wonderland LUXI has found home

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