AUDIO: Frugal Stu & The Coupons – “Discount!”

As far as band names go, Frugal Stu & The Coupons is a winner. With that, the band kept that theme going for their debut EP, “Discount!”, a three-song offering that is all over the place musically, in the best way possible. The band has some help from the local hip hop scene, as well, as this project was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Moses and Godxilla, two names that you wouldn’t normally expect to have associated with an experimental fusion record. The tracks come off as extended jams, from the quirky “Your Song Is Great”, to the eight minute exodus that is “Bogo”. A wide variety of technical instrumentation is on display on this record, and while the band’s image may be a little out of left field, their skills not to be taken lightly. Check out “Discount!” below:

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