AUDIO: Slow Walker – “Ah Yes”

Slow Walker are back with their fifth full length album, and their second release of this year, following up last month’s “Kitchen Man” teaser EP. “Ah Yes” is a record worth turning up every time you put it on, full of straight up rock and roll that deserves to be heard at full volume. Accented by intricate guitar parts, and limited on lyrics at times, the band’s talent shines in the open spaces that feel like extended jams.  The energy on songs like “CAN U WUP?” is infectious, but the band also has the technical chops to make you appreciate things like the 8-minute plus jam “No Drinks” that closes out the record. It’s not just a step in the right direction for Slow Walker, but rather a continued part of their stride so far. Check out “Ah Yes” below:

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