AUDIO: MUSTAS – “Volume One – Barn Sessions”

Look, while we can champion Milwaukee for its up and coming trendy neighborhoods and modern downtown developments, we can’t ignore the fact that Milwaukee is still situated in Wisconsin. This blend of urban and rural, however, can lead to some interesting environments to create music within. Case in point: MUSTAS’ latest, “Volume One – Barn Sessions”. While it may not have actually been created in a barn, the tone of this album might as well have, as there are elements both a classic, old-school guitar slinger, and an inherent urban cool that blend together. Frankly, it sounds like it was recorded in a barn (on purpose), but like a weird, cool barn that Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground happened to run across on an acid trip. Out of all of this, MUSTAS deliver a fun, reverb-heavy, experimental album to digest. The album is currently free to stream, and I would recommend doing so while you can. Get a taste of what MUSTAS is offering with “Volume One – Barn Sessions” below:

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