AUDIO: Ethan Keller – “Dead Man Dancing”

If you were looking for some laid back tunes to chill out to over the weekend, say no more. We’ve got you. Ethan Keller’s new release, “Dead Man Dancing”, is a smooth, soulful collection of songs that can set the right mood for whatever situation you may find yourself. Keller gets to show off his range on this album, taking a little bit of R&B, some indie, country, and much more and throwing them into a blender, producing this album. Keller is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, and “Dead Man Dancing” is proof of that. It’s very early to consider next year’s WAMI Awards, but if there’s ever been an early contender, it’s this album. Allow Keller’s music to do the talking for him on “Dead Man Dancing”, available below and via Bandcamp:

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