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AUDIO: Ethan Keller – “Dead Man Dancing”

If you were looking for some laid back tunes to chill out to over the weekend, say no more. We’ve got you. Ethan Keller’s new release, “Dead Man Dancing”, is a smooth, soulful collection of songs that can set the right mood for whatever situation you may find yourself. Keller gets to show off his range on this album, taking

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week 6/7/13 – Ethan Keller

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to info@BreakingAndEntering.net. We’ll check out every submission we get! There is a certain defining quality to singer/songwriters that separates them from artists who choose to be in a band or group. Music from singer/songwriters have a much more intimate

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88Nine Radio Milwaukee Music Awards Winners’ Compilation (Free Download)

This is a pretty awesome compilation featuring a lot of local talent, some of which I had not heard before. I’m downloading this at the moment, and I think you should, too. Or, consequently, you could just keep coming back to this page and streaming the compilation here. Your call.

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