Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/03/14 – Antler House

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Antler House, an indie trio with an infectious sound. Their debut release, “Through The Dirt”, should be your soundtrack for a gloomy, fall day, and if it isn’t, you’ll soon find out why it should be. One listen to this record, and and you’ll be into the mellow, relaxed feel that the majority of the album carries. It’s emo, but well crafted, layered emo that captivates you.

From the start, “Ark Set For The Skies” lets you know what sort of record you’re in for, with a slow, brooding build that pulls you into the record. The album carries a similar sound, and if you have an appreciation for how songs like this are crafted, you’ll appreciate the work that went into these tracks. This isn’t all gloom, though; brighter spots like “New Blood” give the record a shot in the arm, breaking for a bit of nod-worthy indie pop.

The back half of the album carries on with similar personality, but there’s an subtle buildup that goes on towards the end of the album. “Blank Photo Album” is ever evolving, but still keeping with the gloom-pop motif that Antler House do so well. Follow-up “Little Monsters” has a little bit more bounce to it, and it could easily make it’s way to college and alternative radio stations. With well developed song concepts like these, Antler House created a full length that you will want to listen to on repeat for a while.

The band is also no stranger to the stage, either. On any given weekend, you may find the band performing at a variety of venues around the city. While their album may suggest a softer, solemn live show, it’s impressive to see how this album carries over to the live setting. This is quality, emo, indie, and a great fall record. Check out “Through The Dirt” below:

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