Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 8/15/14 – Bright Kind

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Bright Kind, a synth pop/rock band with a flair for some truly catchy music from the first time that you hear it. The group recently released their debut album, and it draws you in from the moment that you press play. When you hear frontwoman Jeanna Salzer’s vocals on “Watershed”, the first track from the album, you just know that you have something special on your hands. Bright Kind’s debut is pure pop, with just enough of an edge to make it feel like you’re listening to them live. With dueling synths and the right blend of electronic and analog, the end result is quality all around.

What makes Bright Kind’s album so good is that there are little catchy pieces scattered throughout the record. The central synth riff on “Bangles”, for example, gives the song earworm status before the song even gets going. On songs like “Out of Style”, Salzer has a bit of a Debbie Harry appeal to her vocals, showing off her range with ease. Other songs, like mid-album cut “Documentation”, are a flat out indie dance party. The aforementioned pieces, along with several other moments of brilliance, fit together like a jigsaw puzzle of synth pop, giving this album it’s sound.

From the sound on the record, you can tell that it translates to a live performance fairly easily, which isn’t something that you can say about many synth-heavy albums. Aside from their recorded work, Bright Kind has already made a name for themselves with their live show. Playing downtown clubs like Yield regularly, as well as recently playing the K-Nation Stage at this year’s Summerfest have helped the band get their name out in advance of the record’s July release. Coupled with the single, “Seams” being released before the album, the group has established themselves in Milwaukee, and continue to build on their momentum. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that they will continue to grow and develop, and before too long, Bright Kind will be one of the standout names in Milwaukee indie (if they aren’t already). Stream their album below:

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