Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 7/25/14 – GGOOLLDD

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the week is GGOOLLDD, and indie pop outfit with a brand new EP, released yesterday. Their newest release, “$TANDARD$”, is dance-ready pop at it’s core, with the coolest of indie overtones. Centered around the vocals of singer Margaret Butler, this EP is addicting for how catchy it is. With just the right amount of hooking synth lines sprinkled in, “$TANDARD$” is perfect summer music. To make comparisons, GGOOLLDD sort of sounds like The Naked And Famous, but if Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s was fronting the band, and with just a touch of groups like Purity Ring. If you’re a fan of any of those things, you’ll definitely love GGOOLLDD (Austin Powers jokes aside).

Before the release of the new EP, GGOOLLDD had made begun to make their name in Milwaukee from their live shows. In October, the band did release a one-song demo, but more importantly, it was only a precursor for things to come. The band makes no mistake about having fun (their EP is fittingly tagged under “party”), and their recorded work already sounds like a party to begin with. Having recently played venues like the Milwaukee Art Museum, the group has the ability to bring the fun with them wherever they go. I, however, think you should be taking the party with you, so stream “$TANDARD$” below via Bandcamp, and make sure to download it, as well:

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