Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/27/13 – Dogs In Ecstasy

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Dogs In Ecstasy, fell onto our radar by way of one of those fancy year end lists. Milwaukee Magazine, to be exact, listed the band’s “Dat Cruel God” EP as one of the 13 Best Albums of 2013, and boy were they right. The EP is 6 songs, 15 minutes, and catchy as all get out. With a lo-fi, experimental feel, Dogs In Ecstasy created something that is truly unique. It’s simple, yet it’s out there. And it rules.

The best thing about this EP, for me, is that it reminds me of a different time altogether. Actually, it reminds me of a stack of 45s that I got from my dad a few years ago. He was into alternative music in the early 80s, and had everything from X Ray Spex and the Flying Lizards (with an obscure, quirky cover of the Beatles “Money”) to local legends (and his buddies) The Haskels and Oil Tasters. “Dat Cruel God” fits in perfect with the feel of those early punk/alternative singles and bands, because it isn’t trying to sound like anybody else. It’s not quite avant-garde, it’s very much an alternative sound though. It’s a solid rock n’ roll EP, that takes some twists and turns before it ends 15 minutes later.

From the opener, “Buzz”, you can tell that you’re in for a ride listening to this release. With a rough, buzzy guitar that shows up throughout the EP, and poppy, clean vocals, the song comes out oozing with a sense of nonchalant cool. The tracks that follow keep the motif; loud, tough, cool, and catchy. It also kind of reminds me of The Ramones style of songwriting, updated for today’s indie crowd. At the core, these are pop songs. They’re catchy, clean, fun pop songs with a rough shell from a distorted guitar and overpowering synths or organs as needed. And before you know it, it’s done. I listened to this album multiple times to catch everything that I could from it. It’s definitely worth your time. Stream “Dat Cruel God” below:

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