Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/31/13 – The Jones Island Flood

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Last week, I got a package in the mail from this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, The Jones Island Flood. I opened it up to find a copy of their new album, and had to do a big double take when I saw the name. I thought to myself “Wait… Did they really name their album ‘4 A.M. Inside The Fuckfurnace’?” Low and behold, that is in fact the name of their album. My next thought, naturally, was “Well, now I have to hear it.” Looks like the name worked. I immediately went to my stereo and popped it in. Not knowing the band, and based on band and album name alone, I expected death metal. (I even started the album with my stereo turned down, anticipating being screamed at)

From the opening track, “Radiation” on, I was delightfully surprised at what I heard. Not only was it not the loud, screaming album that I expected, but it was a surf-infused blues-rock album, and an incredibly well done one, at that. The Jones Island Flood blends a variety of styles, and a really well produced album like this one showcases it well. With a mix of a twangy, clean guitar, upbeat drums, and frontwoman Maria Law serenading you over the top of it all, The Jones Island Flood have developed a unique sound, and it definitely works. On my first listen, I was only planning to hear a couple tracks and come back to the full album later, but found myself staying around from track to track. “4 A.M. Inside The Fuckfurnace” is compelling to say the least. The name pulls you in, and the music keeps you around. It all just works with this album. Check it out:

For more of The Jones Island Flood, check them out on Facebook and Reverbnation.

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