Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/26/13 – Fable & The World Flat

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While this was admittedly a big week for Milwaukee music, especially on the hip hop side of the spectrum, Fable and the World Flat were a band that we had been waiting to feature for quite some time. We first caught wind of this band when their 2009 album, Ladies and Gentlemen, was sent to us. The album was definitely high quality work, but was admittedly a little bit too far back for us to feature. Luckily for ourselves and everyone else, though, Fable and the World Flat released their follow up to that album, The Great Attractor, on Monday. The duo definitely matched the quality of Ladies and Gentlemen, if not improving on their already established sound.

Another key component of what makes The Great Attractor a solid record is the revolving door of local talent featured on the album, including members of The Fatty Acids and John the Savage. The additional musicians put an extra bit of flavor on the duo’s synth-heavy indie pop. The Great Attractor has electro grooves for any mood, including a mix some laid back, meditative tracks, as well as some fun, upbeat electronica. It’s hard to describe this sound, because there is a lot encompassing it. There’s synth lines, and solid, moving drum tracks, but a fair amount of lo-fi effects to tweak the sound into a spiraling electro-pop hybrid. It should be noted that the group isn’t just two dudes with some laptops and DJ gear, either. A majority of the album is live instruments, molded into something refreshing. Don’t believe us? Check out the album below:

For more Fable and the World Flat, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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