Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/28/12 – Vic And Gab

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From one click of the play button, we knew that this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week spotlight had to be on Vic and Gab. These sisters, Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela, have been playing music together since their childhood days growing up in Texas. They moved to Milwaukee, and are beginning to gain some national exposure with their catchy blend of pop/indie rock. Their ballad, “So Long, So Tired” was featured on MTV’s Skins, and the two have been playing shows with a backing band around the Midwest and beyond. The duo’s sound is mellow at times, with just the right amount of energy in their guitar and bass (Victoriah and Hannah’s) parts to give a song an extra kick. With their sound, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see Vic and Gab playing much larger venues in the near future.

You can catch Vic and Gab tonight at Club Garibaldi in Bay View, at 10:00.

Check out their performance of “Little Step” from WMSE’s “Local Live”:

For more Vic and Gab, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reverbnation page.

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