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AUDIO: Reyna – “Matinee”

Milwaukee indie pop sisters Reyna have been steadily rolling out new music one track at a time, and the group’s latest single, “Matinee”, might be one of their most danceable tracks yet. The song deals with breaking free from a relationship, as depicted in the lyrics. The track is just the latest in a string of catchy singles that Reyna

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AUDIO: Reyna – “Kill Me”

Milwaukee duo Reyna released a brand new single today, with the deep new track, “Kill Me”. With some introspective lyrics, the song manages to blend moody indie with the synth pop that Reyna is developing into their post-Vic and Gab era sound. The Banuelos sisters manage to put together a song with about a souring relationship and still make it

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AUDIO: Reyna – “Magazines”

In a surprise Tuesday release, Milwaukee’s Reyna put out a new single entitled “Magazines”. Keeping their minimal electronic motif alive, this track is captivating, and builds up to a catchy chorus. The shining point of “Magazines”, however, is that it carries all of the songwriting tendencies of former moniker Vic and Gab, with a unique spin reflective of the sisters’

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AUDIO: Reyna – “Spill Your Colors”

In October, we said goodbye to Vic and Gab, or at least under that moniker. For months, we waited to see what the eventual rebirth would be, and now we will know them as Reyna. A day after unveiling their new name, we get to hear our first taste of the new sound, with “Spill Your Colors”. A little more

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2014: Milwaukee’s Music Scene In Review

It’s the time of year where everybody gets all sentimental about the past twelve months, and I figured I would throw in my two cents, as well. And I’ll say something that’s going to seem bold to some and will cause others to groan, but it’s truly how I feel about the Milwaukee music scene right now… Something is really

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