AUDIO: Von Venn – “Hero”

Von Venn, the original indie Irish band, has graced us with their latest album, “Jeanie Is Out”, a musical expedition brimming with captivating tracks that attest to the band’s rich reservoir of talent.

Among these, “Hero” emerges as a shining gem that beckons listeners to explore its depths. Delving into the lyrics, one embarks on an introspective odyssey of self-discovery, guided by the raw and heartfelt vocals of Gary Cox, the band’s frontman. In candid form, Cox opens up about his quest for a guide to heroism, allowing fans a glimpse into his profound musings.

The track exudes a contagious funkiness, providing a comforting warmth amidst the chill of October. Its melodies are adorned with hooks and intricate components that pique our curiosity, making it impossible to resist. The guitars, with their tantalizing tone, leave a lingering sensation that is nothing short of mouthwatering.

You can listen here.

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