AUDIO: Spectral Display – “Slowly”

Spectral Display are an electronic group that consistently delivers innovative and distinctive sounds, as showcased in their latest single, “Slowly”. Their musical quality and unwavering commitment to experimentation have established them as an influential force in the industry.

“Slowly” encapsulates the essence of a feel-good, funky summer anthem that continues to captivate even as the winter season gets into swing. Also, the song exudes an infectious energy that is difficult to resist, making it a perfect sing-along hit.

At the helm of this musical journey is Michel Mulders, the mastermind producer responsible for infusing “Slowly” with an abundance of oomph and vitality. His keen sense of musicality and production expertise shines through in every note, ensuring that the track hits the ground running.

The vocals in “Slowly” are executed with precision, delivering a quality that is truly second to none. They cut through the mix with a clarity and power that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul, proving that Spectral Display is a group still at the top of their game.

You can listen here.

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