AUDIO: ThatGuyEli & 2Hi – “Who Cares Who Started It? It’s Music!”

Producer ThatGuyEli and 2Hi recently linked up for a new project, and both shine on “Who Cares Who Started It? It’s Music!” The nine-track project is both artists at their peak, with bass-heavy beats and 2Hi’s trademark melodic flows keeping their smoothness about them. The beats carry much of the energy on this release, but 2Hi’s calm demeanor on the microphone give everything a cool factor about it, with just a bit of extra swagger. The only feature comes from Freshie on closer “Takin’ Off Ya Head,” but the duo are more than capable of keeping your attention, with quick hit tracks that almost seemlessly jump from one track to the next. “Who Cares Who Started It? It’s Music!” slaps from front to back, and you can hear it below:

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