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AUDIO: JalenG – “The JalenG Effect”

Hip hop artist JalenG’s got his new album out into the world today. It’s seven tracks of nonstop energy, showcasing the rapper’s ability to get a room jumping and keep the party alive. Enlisting his peers 2Hi and DJtheJenius on features, JalenG spits lyrics about coming out on top, staying inspired by his son, getting lit at nightfall and being

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AUDIO: 2Hi – “Life Alert”

Nothing in life is free in hip hop artist 2Hi’s latest single. He raps about having trouble bouncing back from obstacles unless he’s surrounded by the right energy. With bass-boosted production from ThatGuyEli, this tune demands fortitude, perseverance and accepting hard truths. 2Hi looks to get back on his feet with “Life Alert.”

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RECAP: Quies Terry’s “ARTS & Crafts” Album Release Party

ARTS & Crafts, the latest project from Milwaukee’s own Quies Terry, dropped last week following a one-of-a-kind album release party. The album and the event stand as mirror images of each other, Quies as host and Quies as poet together reflecting a single picture of what he and his music stand for.  I was greeted at the door by the

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AUDIO: Abner Melancholy – “According to Us (A Side)”

Abner Melancholy is a new artist to look out for. He’s got an album out today, bringing a fusion of pop, electronica and hip hop to the mix. Starting with an entertaining intro that begs to know just what the hell Melancholy’s got an album about, the subsequent tracks find him navigating the nuances of love and trying his best

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