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AUDIO: ThatGuyEli – “Whatever’s Next”

Eclectic alternative artist ThatGuyEli released his sophomore album recently. Constantly looking to innovate himself outside the box, Eli incorporates hip hop, R&B and electronic elements in conjunction with variably textural guitars to drive themes of getting his mind right, running from demons and finding peace. The lone feature here is $hiro on “Automata,” who drops bars that seek similar sentiments

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AUDIO: ThatGuyEli – “My Way”

Alternative artist and producer ThatGuyEli dropped a new single this week. He combines a driving guitar riff with stomping trap production and dreamy vocals as he ruminates on a relationship gone sour. Love’s gotten in the way of life and ThatGuyEli is weighing what’s holding him back versus what’s meant to be. It’s an introspective moment from ThatGuyEli that continues

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AUDIO: Juxt Dame – “Naruto”

Hip hop artist Juxt Dame keeps it moving with a new single. Featuring jazzy downtempo production by Wisdm Giovanni, Dame drops bars about avoiding negativity and being in the right company posted up in the studio. He’s trying to have as few worries as possible, identifying himself with the titular anime hero. It’s been a mad fruitful year for Juxt

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AUDIO: 2Hi – “Hey Gang!”

Hip hop artist 2Hi’s got a new EP out. Featuring innovative trap production from the likes of ThatGuyEli, No B, Police Create Hippies and Prodi-G, these five songs find the rapper keeping shit to himself and being selective about who he keeps around. There’s a dark, hazy atmosphere here as 2Hi stays high as the moon and running the bag,

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VIDEO: Zolton & Eli $tones – “RUNNIN”

Zolton and Eli $tones have been dope in their own lanes for years now, but they took it to the next level with a collab single and video that’s out today. Directed by Michael Stocke, the visual finds the two artists playing the role of coach. Their team of runners take sprints, play dodgeball, and shoot hoops as they flex

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AUDIO: ThatGuyEli – “Reject”

ThatGuyEli dropped his first single in two years and he’s continuing to push the envelope of his sound. “Reject” is entirely instrumental and combines boosted bass with elements of math rock and pop punk, encapsulating a myriad of emotions. It represents the notion of not fitting in anywhere, which is akin to how difficult it would be to classify what

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