VIDEO: AyooLii, Lil Sinn, Vell, Otb Pablo – “Rock N’ Roll”

Milwaukee music is currently missing AyooLii, who is incarcerated at the moment. However, there’s plenty of noise around the rapper, as members of the music community are starting to release music connected to his verses. That includes “Rock N’ Roll,” a recent drop produced by ThatGuyEli and featuring Lil Sinn, Vell, and Otb Pablo. The four rappers spit with an underground flare over Eli’s production that incorporates some lowend elements to it. The verses are your standard fare for Milwaukee street rap, with each artist’s unique vocal tones being their calling card. While we wait for AyooLii to return, tracks like this are a reminder of what he brings to Milwaukee hip hop. Check out “Rock N’ Roll” below:

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