AUDIO: Ervin Munir – “Pick up the Phone”

‘Pick up the Phone’, the new single by Ervin Munir and Tina Blaber, is out now! For us, this track resounds with vigour and purpose, and the emotion on display is palpable from the get-go!

This delivery brightens Ervin’s characteristic folk aesthetic while possessing a contemporary feel-good energy. Also, the song features a compelling narrative, all about different perspectives, coming to terms with one’s own feelings, and figuring out the emotions that frequently surface in interpersonal interactions.

Rich folk roots provide the foundation for the song’s development, which includes the progressive introduction of indications of various musical influences such as pop and indie rock. There are also numerous surprises which unfold as the track progresses, such as violin sections in the mid-part and catchy vocal hooks in the chorus.

You can listen here.

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