AUDIO: Brian Lightning – “Pilot”

Brian Lightning, the promising newcomer from Birmingham, has burst onto the music scene with an electrifying debut single titled “Pilot”. As a magician by trade, Brian’s musical style is anything but ordinary, and ‘Pilot’ proves that he is here to make a significant impact with his distinctive and infectious magical energy blended seamlessly with an indie-rock edge.

Right from the opening bars, “Pilot” impresses with its abundant energy and passion. Brian’s unique character shines through every note, making him stand out like a beacon among a sea of artists. It’s refreshing to see an artist who fearlessly embraces their individuality and turns it into a strength.

The song’s British indie-esque vibe takes us on a nostalgic journey through the British music scene, yet it’s far from being derivative. Instead, Brian infuses the track with subtle undertones of jazz, adding layers of complexity that surprise and delight the ears.

The vocals on ‘Pilot’ are nothing short of quality. Brian’s delivery exudes confidence and charisma, drawing listeners into the world he creates within the song. The way he weaves his voice around the melody is both captivating and enchanting, leaving a lasting impact.

You can listen here.

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