Meshell Ndegeocello Takes the Audience on a Meditative Journey

Photo Credit: Dan Ojeda

The atmosphere was electric as Meshell Ndegeocello took the stage with her four-piece band, setting the tone for an evening filled with smooth and meditative vibes. The band, consisting of a drummer/percussionist, bass player, guitarist, and keyboardist/synthesizer player, skillfully accompanied Meshell, who showcased her talent on both keys and bass guitar. The harmony provided by the band’s backing vocals was off the charts, adding depth to the overall sound.

Meshell’s wardrobe choices reflected her artistic persona, with a combination of jean/blue, black, and white outfits that perfectly complemented the concert’s ambiance. As the concert unfolded, the transitions between songs were seamless, creating a captivating flow throughout the performance.

The opening song immediately immersed the audience in mellow vibes, allowing them to sway and move to the rhythm effortlessly. The second song continued the journey with chill vibes, featuring a delightful combination of acoustic guitar and synths that carried the audience into a tranquil state.

Surprising the crowd, Meshell showcased her versatility by picking up the bass guitar for the third song. In this worship-like melodic moment, Justin hicks one of her background vocalists’ broke out into calls and moans which resonated in the meditative setting, enveloping the audience in an ethereal experience. The fourth song brought a heavier atmospheric sound, with foot-stomping bass and swelling electric guitar, creating an immersive musical landscape.

The transition into “Atomic Dog” injected a burst of energy into the concert, infusing island vibes that had the audience moving and grooving. The following songs, driven by acoustic and percussive elements, showcased Meshell’s ability to create a captivating musical backdrop.

Photo Credit: Dan Ojeda

With “Here I Sit Outside Your Door,” Meshell captivated the crowd, showcasing her emotional depth and connection. The subsequent song carried a march-like vibe, enhanced by atmospheric synths and powerful bass. Meshell’s spoken word poem, “Give, Give, Give,” delivered a thought-provoking message, urging listeners to wait for love to show its face.

As the concert progressed, Meshell continued to captivate the audience with songs that delved into themes of introspection and the passage of time, leaving the audience in a contemplative state.

A poignant moment was created as she sang about living in a glass house, cautioning against throwing stones. “Wasted Time,” resonated deeply with the audience, reminding them of the fleeting nature of time.

The concert reached its climax with “I Am More Than Flesh and Blood,” a powerful anthem encouraging listeners to overcome obstacles and walk through the water and waves of life.

In conclusion, Meshell Ndegeocello’s concert was a mesmerizing and meditative musical journey. Her exceptional talent, combined with the harmonious interplay of her band, created an immersive experience for the audience. From the smooth transitions and atmospheric sounds to the introspective lyrics, every element of the performance showcased Meshell’s artistry and her ability to connect deeply with her listeners. It was an unforgettable evening of soulful music and emotional exploration that left the crowd longing for more.

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