AUDIO: Sam Rodewald – “Psycho Goreman”

Singer/songwriter Sam Rodewald has unveiled his latest single, “Psycho Goreman,” and it’s a mind-bending musical journey that defies genre conventions. Combining funky elements of indie rock, the track immerses listeners in a sonic experience reminiscent of a cosmic rabbit hole. The reverbing guitars create an otherworldly atmosphere, transporting you to a dimension where the delightfully weird reigns supreme. Rodewald fearlessly tackles existential questions, guiding you through introspection with an infectious groove that compels you to dance as well. What makes this release even more special is that it includes both an electric and an acoustic version of the song, showcasing Rodewald’s versatility and adding a new dimension to the already captivating track. Get weird with “Psycho Goreman” below:

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