AUDIO: Brightwell And Moran – “Bare Boards”

‘Bare Boards,’ Brightwell & Moran’s highly anticipated new single, is an impressive showcase of the duo’s immense talent. The Portland, Oregon-based duo, formerly known as Radio Stranger, has won the 2022 Talent Is Timeless songwriting competition. The duo recorded the single at the iconic Abbey Road studios with the help of Jam Records London, and the result is an eclectic blend of folk, country, and Americana styles.

‘Bare Boards’ captivates from the first note with its fiery passion and emotionally charged moments. The mandolin and fiddle burst through the production with dazzling ferocity, while the guitar rhythms are powerful. The vocals of Kelly Brightwell and Woody Moran are exquisite and harmonious, allowing the listener to feel the intensity of the lyrics.

The duo’s influences are clear, but they also demonstrate their own distinct style. They’ve been compared to legends like Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, and Patty Gryphon, but they have their own distinct sound. ‘Bare Boards’ is a testament to their inventiveness and musicianship, demonstrating why they are one of the industry’s most promising breakout acts.

Anyone who enjoys folk and country music should listen to this single. ‘Bare Boards’ is an instant classic thanks to its stunningly cohesive blend of genres and emotionally charged lyrics. Brightwell & Moran have taken another step forward with this new release, solidifying their position in the industry and leaving us eagerly awaiting their future releases.

You can listen here.

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