AUDIO: Ricki Erik – “Como Te Llamas”

Ricki Erik’s newest single, ‘Como Te Llamas’, is firing on all cylinders. The new song is featured on Ricki’s newest album, titled ‘Genreality’, which is an upbeat and uplifting collection of gems.

‘Como Te Llamas’ begins with an outstanding intro, which consists of a moving synth that is shortly followed by a percussion rhythm that has a latin flavour. The beat features an irresistible groove, a groove that, after the bass is introduced, becomes even more strong and compelling. As soon as Ricki reaches for the microphone, he immediately becomes the centre of attention, and he sings with a lot of emotion about love, relationships, and the excitement of first encountering someone special.

The real magic happens in the chorus, when Ricki firmly plants himself in the back of our minds with his striking vocal style. His tones flow flawlessly against the majestic soundscape below, and the plethora of sounds that emerge keeps us riveted to the speakers for the duration of the performance.

It is clear that Ricki has been influenced by some of the most powerful pop vocalists to ever grace our airwaves and the production has pop undertones, especially in the chorus. However, he manages to create a stand that is uniquely his own.

You can listen here.

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