VIDEO: Resurrectionists – “Hotel With Pool”

Ressurectionists’ latest music video for “Hotel With Pool” off their album “Now That We Are All Ghosts” is a haunting and evocative piece of work. The alt-folk band’s eerie soundscapes are captured in this performance clip, shot in a glowing blue hue that casts a spell over the entire performance. Directed by Conan Neutron, the video captures the band’s raw energy and emotional intensity, showcasing a track full of stellar musicianship and powerful, bellowing vocals. The song has a sense of abandonment and loneliness, with just a banjo and vocals echoing through the empty space. But as things progress, the video explodes into a mesmerizing display of glowing elements, a visual metaphor for the song’s explosive and cathartic climax. Check out the video here:

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