AUDIO: Cody James – “Tear The Sky”

Cody James’ latest single “Tear The Sky” is a captivating blend of pop and retro alternative, showcasing the singer/songwriter’s impressive range and versatility. With twangy guitars and a driving rhythm, the track delivers an infectious energy that’s hard to resist. But it’s James’ lyrics that truly shine, as he delves deep into the complexities of a budding relationship. Caught up in thoughts of a significant other, James wistfully sings of the possibilities and uncertainties that lie ahead. With “Tear The Sky,” James proves that he’s a master storyteller, weaving together evocative imagery and poignant emotions to create a song that lingers long after the last notes fade. “Tear The Sky” is James’ second single of the year, and he remains busy with new material. Check it out below:

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