AUDIO: AJ Whyte – “Back To The Water”

With his new track, ‘Back To The Water’, AJ Whyte is taking off and expanding his musical horizons. This new single from the British singer-songwriter is full of exciting and engaging sounds. As the song progresses, it develops into a beautiful piece, with the energy becoming even more pervasive as AJ delves deeper into his thought-provoking story.

This song is about escaping unhappiness and looking for a new safe haven to call home. The vocals are packed with feeling, and AJ’s performance does not hold anything back in terms of intensity. He talks about the importance of drawing one’s own strength from within in order to effect change and realise one’s own potential.

The song is predicated musically on a folk and bluesy foundation throughout its whole. There are some resemblances to Gaslight Anthem in the guitar leads, which frequently appear and add extra weight, especially in the chorus section. The guitars play an important part in the sound of the music. In addition, there are several shifts in structure throughout the song; for example, in the latter section of the track, it takes a step back as the bass lead drives the road forward.

Check it out here.

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