AUDIO: Ervin Munir – “Carolynn”

Ervin Munir, a musician who performs folk and country music and is located in Norfolk, has re-emerged in the music world with his immensely engaging new single, “Carolynn.” We can feel the passion pouring out of his every vocal note, and his playing style once again proves that he is up there with the finest in the field right now.

A recording that was produced in the illustrious Abbey Road studios in London. These studios are known all over the globe and have been responsible for some of the very best recordings ever made, including those by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many more. There is a high level of quality here, and Ervin does not waste his time at the legendary recording studio, putting together a track that is captivating right from the beginning.

“Carolynn” is about a love that is not without its challenges but is also beautiful despite those complexities. Ervin says that it is not a sin to feel down and that it is okay to feel disconnected from time to time. The story is based on true events and focuses on his relationship with “Carolynn.”

Listen here on Spotify.

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