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AUDIO: Melvv & Casey – “Without Ya”

Electronic producer MELVV teamed up with pop artist CASEY for a new single. CASEY sings of someone she misses; despite everything they’ve been through together, she doesn’t feel like herself without them. MELVV’s production is bright-eyed and adventurous like the song is the anthem for someone going out into the world to find themself. MELVV and CASEY navigate the loss

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AUDIO: Dennis Hawk & Dave Schoepke – “Burn”

Dennis Hawk and Dave Schoepke released another composition together, and this one revolves around Karma. As Hawk’s flute rings with a loving aura and Schoepke’s drums march with determination, we are ensnared by bright sonic colors. There’s a sense of courage and resolution with this piece, like we’re watching a montage of truths unfold. Dennis Hawk and Dave Schoepke have

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AUDIO: Tarek Sabbar – “No One Will Care As Much As You”

Electronic artist Tarek Sabbar released a new EP. It’s three tracks that each occupy their own niche of style; “Strata” opens things with waves of ambient bliss, “Process” gets the blood flowing with a danceable tempo and industrial textures, and “Subcutaneous” is an acid house cut that feels mysterious with metallic resonance. Tarek Sabbar delivers a stunningly creative and versatile

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