VIDEO: FGE Lil Mar – “Really Turnt”

Teenage rapper FGE Lil Mar has recently released his new video for “Really Turnt,” and it’s a high-energy track that features a hyped-up, piano-driven beat. The track kicks off with a mob movie intro, before Mar starts rapping about being active and talking plenty of street talk in the process. He touches on topics like internet beef becoming real street issues, getting girls, and more. There’s an ever-present level of recklessness here, but Mar doesn’t seem to care, flowing with confidence about playing a dangerous game. The video from DineroGangRay shows Mar and his squad hitting the Milwaukee dances while rapping to the camera in a bedroom. FGE Lil Mar has a veteran flow for his young age, and “Really Turnt” is a promising sign of what’s to come from the rising rapper.

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