AUDIO: Mayyh3m – “Picking Sides”

Mayyh3m recently released his new single, “Picking Sides,” and it’s an emotionally charged track that he nails when it comes to the flow. The song features a dark beat, anchored by piano keys and a faint sample of Kanye West’s “Good Morning.” Mayyh3m makes it clear that he’s not here for the drama, but rather would make moves and get to the money. There’s vulnerability in these bars, as he discloses that his life is not where he wants it to be, and he’s going to grind to get out of that jam. Mayyh3m has money on his mind, and a catchy song on his hands with “Picking Sides.” The track showcases Mayyh3m’s versatility as a rapper, with his flow switching seamlessly between introspective and confident bars. “Picking Sides” is a promising sign of what’s to come from Mayyh3m.

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