AUDIO: Julia Thomsen And Marie – “Travelling Through Wonders”

Julia Thomsen and Marie have collaborated on a new release, “Travelling Through Wonders”. The unique composition, loosely based around Julia’s earlier piece, “Wonderness,” flows in and out of the original work, and it glistens as the warm air of spring greets us all!

Marie is an artist who works in sound design, and her effort in this composition is paying off. Meanwhile, Julia is a household name in classical. They are a match made in paradise, with their artistic talents coming together to produce a magical and captivating experience. The new work opens with a synth lead that emerges from the shadows, reaching out to us and urging us to reflect on the serenity around us.

As the song develops, a lovely path gradually reveals itself, and we quickly arrive at the piano hook that was introduced for the first time with Julia’s release of “Wonderness.” There is a soothing atmosphere that emanates from the speakers, and we feel the weight being lifted off our shoulders as the two of them infuse our souls with fresh and innovative vitality.

Midway through the music, a thud can be heard in the background, sounding nearly exactly like thunder in the distance. Yet, this sound is paradoxically obscured by the tranquil quality of the strings and the consoling piano tones.

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