AUDIO: Voodoo Rays – “Empire”

Voodoo Rays are pushing the envelope with their newest album, ‘Empire’, which features cutting-edge tracks. The band hailing from England wastes little time in getting down to business with a sound that will shake your speakers for all the right reasons.

The music is best categorised as classic indie, with many nods and winks to some of the most influential artists of the 1980s. Despite this, they remain faithful to the scene that is taking place around them, and the production also features many contemporary themes. The album is an excellent record consisting of ten tracks, and it flows with ease, with each tune beautifully moving onto the next one in the sequence.

The first song, ‘Chantal’, is a track that tells the story of a woman named, you guessed it, Chantal. It is here where we understand what this record is all about, and it seems to be about a previous love interest, one that was very treasured. The sound is distinct compared to what we hear in the indie game today, and the guitars and drums make a resounding debut accompanied by a hazy background in the mix.

‘A House With No Windows’ starts with a feeling that many people may compare to that of the Editors. The vocals have a lo-fi vibe, and the singer has a lot to say about his life. ‘She Drives’ takes a somewhat different path from the ones that came before it, ushering in a new atmosphere.

The album comes to a rousing close with the song ‘Empire’, a magnificent conclusion to what has been a wild ride!

You can take a listen here.

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