AUDIO: Akil B. Strange – “Everything You’ve Heard Is True”

Akil B. Strange is providing hip-hop zeal with the release of his new album, ‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True’. The American rapper collaborated with the highly acclaimed record producer Rodney Hazard on his most recent studio album, which is out now.

This album is a rollercoaster ride of many feelings for the listener, and it is packed to the brim with allure. It begins with a track that serves as an introduction called ‘Good Morning’, which then transitions into the piece called ‘Weight On Me’. A beat serves as the primary driving force behind the song’s progression, with a vocal from Akil occasionally rising to the top of the mix and taking on an aesthetic reminiscent of Drake’s. The music is slowly emerging from the backdrop, and as it continues, it becomes more distinct!

It is clear that a good number of the tracks have powerful introductions, and many of them begin with an opening in the form of a telephone call before diving straight into the mix. This pattern is followed by ‘Rich Millie’, and after the beat roars, we cling to our chairs as the tremendous wall of sound hits us with full force. When Akil B. Strange raps, one can hear the quality of his work flowing out of the speakers, and he demonstrates why he is such a significant hit in the game right now.

‘Roll Me Up’ has an ethereal feel and features a contagious melody. The vocals come on strong while the beats pound in the background, and many synth layers wrap around the many components working their way through the mixture.

You can listen to the album in full here.

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