AUDIO: Rodney Hazard – “The Man From Nowhere”

Rodney Hazard’s latest EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, is soothing to the spirit and was just released. The new extended play gives us the option to reflect and transports us to new places with its laid-back vibe.

The song ‘Stardawg’ serves as the introduction to the EP. Its rhythm buckles us into our chairs and transports us into outer space with a radiating synth loop that pans itself left and right and frequently moves throughout the stereo field. A vocal eventually makes its way to the top of the mix after working its way up from the lower levels; the reverberated sound of the vocal brings an additional layer to the production that Rodney has laid down.

‘Rainforest’ is quickly becoming one of the most recognised songs from Rodney in recent times, and it brings with it a robust bass riff that hits with passion taking the central position in the track. The voices are not an essential component of this work; instead, they lend an additional dimension to the action that is taking place around them.

‘BlueFlame’ has a very emotive texture to it, which fills us with nostalgic feelings. It is dynamic, with the vocals sticking to the similarly expressive music, which transports us to a dreamlike state with engrossing synth combinations and multidimensional drum fills.

Listen to ‘The Man From Nowhere’ here.

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