AUDIO: Paraffin – “Mean”

Indie rock band Paraffin, consisting of five members, have just released a new track, ‘Mean’. The band are fresh out of Portsmouth and are already making waves in the rock world. They are giving the industry’s heavy hitters a run for their money and demonstrating that they are here to stay.

The first thing that jumps out at us is that distinctive guitar tone; it deviates from the norm and brings a fresh edge to the table, both of which are attributes that will help this band become more noticeable as they advance in their professional careers. ‘Mean’, with all of its force, has no boundaries. In addition, it gets off to a strong start and maintains that momentum throughout, only increasing in size and quality as it advances.

The vocals provided by Billy Tee are also powerful and requesting, and his direct approach has us glued to the periphery of the speakers. His coordination with the music is impeccable, and he adds to the already bold soundscape that is taking place in the background. Lyrically, the track does not deviate too significantly from what has come before, yet, the narrative does manage to lodge itself within one’s consciousness, and Billy speaks about the personal qualities of other people, particularly those who become downright cruel!

This one is a keeper, a quality track from Paraffin, and it will be on our playlist for quite some time to come!

Listen here.

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