AUDIO: AJ Whyte – “You Won’t Hear Me”

The release of AJ Whyte’s first studio single, ‘You Won’t Hear Me,’ marks the beginning of a new career for the newcomer to the folk-pop industry. The Rutland singer-songwriter just put out his single in style, and it has a quality that you could call “soul-indenting.”

AJ begins his adventure via musical discovery with the bestowal of a captivating guitar rhythm in the opening section. Accompanied by a wide variety of musical styles, including folk, pop, and country, AJ finds his footing and paves his road forward. The lead guitar is played with fingerpicking, and it takes us to AJ’s lead vocal. AJ pulls us into our seats with an edge we cannot fault, and the aura is powerful.

As he delivers his thought-provoking tale out of the speakers, the vocals have an understated, gripping effect, and the vocal layering that he uses in the chorus provides an impactful weight that we can feel. The song gets faster as it goes on, and his level of intensity reaches its highest point in the middle, when his silky smooth guitar tones float through the air around him.

AJ openly lets his heart flow through his music, which is incredibly refreshing. He discusses the feelings of jealousy and looks inward at one’s own personal development.

You can listen on Spotify here.

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