AUDIO: Yum Yum Cult – “It Kills Me It Really Does”

Indie-psych rockers Yum Yum Cult released their long-awaited debut album. They get soulful, they get funky, they get noisy – it’s a kaleidoscopic record that covers all the bases with a colorful sonic palette that the band’s built over the years. Not only do Yum Yum Cult switch things up across the album – they even do so within songs! Whether it’s the punkish energy of “What I Do in the Night”, the twinkling charm of “If Talk’s All It Is”, the arousing build-up of “Up in the Tenement” or the vivacious bounce of “Wednesday’s Brevity”, the band creatively marries emotional poeticism with many stylistic flavors. Yum Yum Cult rock and/or roll with “It Kills Me It Really Does.”

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